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Lift Career Resource Center is guided by core values that guide the organization's Board of Directors, Executive Team and volunteers. The core values are as follows:



We show love and compassion for youth who are aging out of the foster care system, by providing customized services to meet their needs. We rejoice when their needs are met and when they reach their milestones.



We are committed to providing excellent service to each young adult that we serve.


Integrity & Accountability

Lift Career Resource Center is committed to quality and excellence in all it does and is a responsible steward of public and private resources.



We work with individuals, organizations and government agencies in a collaborative fashion.  We value effective partnerships between volunteer staff and leadership at all levels of the organization.


Respecting Diversity

We will recognize individuality and create an environment of dignity and respect for every person we work with and serve.



Lift Career Resource Center believes in self-determination and self-advocacy.  Young adults aging out of foster care, with the appropriate resources, and support can make decisions in their own lives and must be heard on issues that affect their well-being.

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